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“But I thought … I thought this was LOVE!” laments the partner cheated on for the first time.

“Do I really not believe this religion? Do I even believe in God?” asks the religious on a truly deep dive into their personal faith.

“How can they spin inflation, unemployment, and CPI by either not calculating them or completely rewriting the official definitions?” asks the astounded day-trader.

“Are we the baddies?” asks the Nazi SS officer when finally noticing his uniform is — shockingly — festooned with skulls.

These are all examples of an event known as the “dark night of…

(Burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, Copyright: Ernest Smith, 2019)
(Burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, Copyright: Ernest Smith, 2019)
(Burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, Copyright: Ernest Smith, 2019)

Time in the ancient world has done the same things to human empathy as physical distance does in the present; separation by time and separation by geography make any suffering and death irrelevant if not immediately at our fore.

Who really cares for those who died by the tens of millions killed by the Mongol empire and its aftereffects between the 13th and 15th centuries? Who but the most insincere and unknowing of ourselves has actually said they shed a single tear for any of those slaughtered and starved? Such a virtue is not really accessible to any but the…

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As with general mass ignorance of economics, the nature of POWER itself is also overlooked. While these two are mostly discrete and separate elements, they DO overlap on a Venn diagram where their smaller and smaller intersections contribute to mass ignorance of the frames of reference influencing all human existence on the planet.

It’s much like the silent intersection of science and economics in the COVID era. I have not yet heard from a trained virologist with an economics degree explain to me the outcome of lockdowns on the greater public good. To say that science is the only good…

It’s often said that if this human existence is a simulation, one of the most obvious indicators is that half of the world is asleep at any given time, sparing heavy loads on the amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) used.

Then there are personality types and voting blocs for a two-party system. Putting everyone in front of a computer or phone screen makes two-dimensional what once required three dimensions. Isolating people from interactions with other people in three dimensions pushes interactions and consciousness itself into the realm of two dimensions where people say the most efficient things. …

  • A wise monk asked his students, “How does one become truly multi-dimensional?” One student replied, “Enlightenment.” Another responded, “Death.” The wise monk said, “Watch and I will show you.” He proceeded to acquire a new lotus posture, one in which his back and neck bent strangely forward and his arms came together inches in front of his face, holding his cell phone. “Look,” he said aloud as he typed a message to a stranger. “I am now two-dimensional.”
  • The sound of one hand clapping is the tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it.
  • He who…

If recent hacker conferences tell us one thing, it’s that EVERY VOTING MACHINE IS HACKABLE. Therefore, why add to the totals if your vote goes to the other guy, when some partisan with a thumb drive (in your town, city, county, or state) can change them all?

Your voting paradigm is a lie.

If news shows us anything, it’s that they all used to carry the same stories. Other than the Beirut explosion or Harry and Meghan coming to America, we could once compare and contrast what politicians said by looking at both CNN and FOX news and finding out…

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I remember a time when people looked at the sky when they went outside …

… when they could order a pizza by calling the pizzeria without having a panic attack because they couldn’t just use the pizza app

… when young people would look you in the eye when shaking your hand

when people didn’t get pissed off a dozen times a day because of the tweets they read

… when self-esteem had nothing to do with “likes”

… when young people had best friends

… when families talked at the dinner table

… when people dealt with…

For hundreds of thousands of years, humankind existed without active timepieces or clocktowers. Sundials existed, sure, but as passive markers of time, there was no active ticking of the hands on the clock or the clicks of the pendulum’s peak ascent to one side or the other. In large part, activity occurred in large, organic blocks of silences, when the most regular, definitive marker of time was day dimming to night and the dark yielding to light.

For two hundred thousand years of homo sapiens sapiens, time was a smooth consistency of silence interspersed with occasional activity marked by the…

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I watched 1998’s You’ve Got Mail last night and was in for the shock of my life.

In it, I saw families walking around New York, holding hands and enjoying the weather.

In it, I saw people reading paper Kindles … with their full attention.

In it, I saw a man kicking back on a couch, talking with his family without clutching and thumbing anything at all.

You’ve Got Mail was at the doorstep of the dawn of the digital age and seeing how primitive we were just twenty-one years ago was remarkably like a dream on the tip of…

What do you think … that you can change the world?

Every Twitter and Insta thinks they can.

Take a break from the world.

Wait for the braking wind.


Andrew Garvey

Author of Mind Control Empire, The Color of Poetry, and Quietus: The Color of Poetry II

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